Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer


Quick Jumps: Eligibility and Examination + Review and Study Sources

The Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer

The Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer (CET) is a certification held by those with experience and expertise in the developing, designing, and delivering safety, health and environmental training.

The CET:

  • Measures an individual’s knowledge of the theory and practice of basic adult education
  • Confirms knowledge and experience in the SH&E specialty area(s) in which they teach

To retain the CET certification, individuals must:

    • Pay an annual renewal fee
    • Meet Recertification requirements

    The Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET) certification is accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB).

    Eligibility and Examination

    To be eligible for the CET, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, hold a BCSP-approved SH&E credential, and have conducted at least 270 delivery hours of teaching or training in any SH&E specialty.

    To achieve the CET certification a candidate must meet all of the eligibility requirements and pass the examination.

    The eligibility period to take the CET examination is one (1) year from the application approval date. 

    CET Review and Study Sources

    Candidates preparing for the CET examination may use information about the examination's build as a guide to study material. Of particular interest are the CET Examination Blueprint and the CET Examination References. Because candidates for BCSP examinations often ask where to locate review courses and materials, BCSP maintains a Review and Study Sources page as a courtesy.

    There are important changes that will affect our certification processes in the fourth quarter of 2014.

    Find the most recent details on changes to certification processes and/or requirements in the BCSP Current Changes Index.

    PDF Library - Application Forms

     CET Application Checklist
     CET Candidate Handbook
    CET Application Form
     CET Training Delivery Form

    PDF Library - Professional Development Assistance

    Application Fee Waiver Brochure
    Department of Veterans Affairs Pays the Costs of a License or Certification Test

    PDF Library - Blueprints

    CET Blueprint
    CET Blueprint References

    PDF Library - Test Assistance

    Self-Assessment Brochure and Examinations Order Form
    Computer-delivered Examinations through Pearson VUE

    PDF Library - Community

    CET Brochure
    BCSP Professional Advancement Mentor Form
     Display and Literature Request Form
    BCSP Code of Ethics
    Criminal Conviction Policy

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    The Value of Safety

     style=If you represent an organization that would like to use BCSP certification to foster an effective, efficient, and engaging safety culture in your work, please visit our Business Development page The Value of Safety.