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Facebook is an integral part of many peoples lives, becoming as important to online interaction as email.  Facebook had 800 million members across the globe as of 2011 and its growth has been phenomenal. Its interface and framework allow a person to spread news virally as quick as any social bookmarking service.

The BCSP Facebook Page promotes our credentialing process, shares news/events with our community and acts as a base for the communities which have sprouted in the related BCSP and GSP Facebook Groups. Our plan is to share brochures, links and videos, hold contests, and poll our members on a regular basis.


LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps individuals and companies discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. LinkedIn strengthens, creates and extends existing networks of trusted contacts. Most people use LinkedIn to “get to someone” in order to make a sale, form a partnership, or get a job. It works well for this because it is an online network of about 100 million experienced professionals from around the world representing a wide variety of industries.

LinkedIn provides a more efficient tool for using a network, while maintaining the quality and reputation of the interactions. The BCSP LinkedIn Group allows safety professionals from all over the country to interact on a one-on-one basis. The BCSP LinkedIn Business Page also acts as a great resource for information on BCSP certification within the social media's platform. Both are great tools for job searching, finding new companies, consultants and contractors, and locating industry experts.


The popularity of Twitter has really exploded in the last two years. The free service simply asks: “What are you doing?” Users send "tweets" in 140 characters or less. Twitter is best explained as “micro-blogging" - a merger of blogging and instant messaging.

People use Twitter for all kinds of reasons, everything from staying in touch with friends to receiving announcements and support from companies with a presence on Twitter. The BCSP Twitter feed has everything from live conference updates, press releases on breaking news, to unbelievable examples of what have been referred to as "(un)safety photos".

Google Plus

Google Plus (Google +, G+) is the newest social network of broad scope, becoming available for personal use in the summer of 2011. Google made business pages available in November 2011, and BCSP was quick to adopt the new platform.

The BCSP Google Plus Page acts as a resource for informative news regarding our credentials, certification and the safety profession. Connecting with BCSP can also connect you to the community of safety professionals who have also added BCSP. As Google Plus develops a unique following BCSP will be there, using the new tools offered to advance the safety profession.


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